"Go Weave"

Teach your dog to weave using the barrel and guide method. Your dog will learn how to be a happy and confident weaver. This method encourages good form and function in the weaves and will set you up for reliable weaves at a distance !

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Weaving is a very complex and physically demanding obstacle for the dog to perform in agility. 

Training your dog to weave using the barrel and guide method assists the dog to develop good form and function whilst weaving.  Good form and function means less physical stress on your dog.

This method allows the handler and their dog to learn in a way which  is fun, safe and enjoyable.  

If you want independent and reliable weave pole performances at a distance from your dog then this course is for you.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to "Go Weave" - Foundation for Weaving
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23 Texts
14 PDFs
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Shirlene Clark
Shirlene Clark
Owner of Paws to Consider and NADAC Australia and Australia's NADAC Clinician

About the instructor

As the owner of The North American Dog Agility Council - Australian Division, agility is my passion in life.  I have been very successful with all of my dogs:

  • Toto the Cairn Terrier (deceased) - Trial Champion with many Titles and Awards and also a successful distance dog and one of few dogs in Australia to have a successful bonus run. 
  • Kansas  the Cairn Terrier (retired) also a multiple Trial Champion with many Titles and Awards. 
  • Smudge the Koolie also a multiple trial Champion, with an amazing number of NADAC achievements including Dog of the Year awards, successful bonus runs and the first team in Australia to earn a Challenge Stakes Cup at the Australian Nationals.  Smudge is also listed in NADAC's Hall of Fame.  At age 11 she is still fit, sound and competing at a high level and loving it.  I attribute her longevity in the sport to NADAC as an agility venue and the training methods I use.
  • Patch my young Koolie/Kelpie mix who is exciting and fun and has all the makings of a super distance dog

I love teaching and sharing my experience and knowledge with others as my mentors have shared with me.  I approach agility and teaching in a very wholistic manner.  I believe in the mind-body connection for both dog and handler.  In order for teams to be successful both the handler and the dog require a confident mindset of self belief.  When I teach you, I not only teach you the physical skills for agility but I also help you to believe in yourself and your dog.  I want to help you to  become the best team you can be with your dog in this great sport and help you to experience joy and fun along the way.


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